Hello and welcome to my site! Here you will find some of the artwork I’ve done. It is my hope that you will enjoy viewing my work and probably even engage me to do a custom artwork (or two or more) for you.
A little about me: I’ve always loved drawing. I attended two years of fine arts college until life happened. I’ve since picked up drawing again around 2016 and have enjoyed it again ever since. To say that I’m self-taught is an understatement. I’ve dabbled in everything and anything art that would keep me entertained, preoccupied, and out of trouble.
I am proud to say that my masterpiece - my son, Dante, has inherited my love of drawing in his own artwork. Some of his work can be found on the shirts we print at The Yellow House Printing. The link can be found above.
Enjoy our art; enjoy life. 🤗
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